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5 Benefits of Consuming Clean Drinking Water July 9, 2019

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5 Benefits of Consuming Clean Drinking Water, Oconto Falls, Wisconsin

From washing your dishes to keeping your shower on, your residential water system can accomplish a lot. However, no feat is more important than its ability to keep you hydrated. By consuming an appropriate amount of clean drinking water each day, you can support the daily activities of your body and boost your overall health. But what does that mean exactly? If you’re looking for a reason to drink more water, here are a few specific benefits of staying hydrated.

5 Reasons to Stay Hydrated

1. Keeps Organs Moving

As the predominant fluid in your body, water helps keep organs moving and functioning efficiently. For example, when you’re hydrated, your heart won’t have to pump harder to get oxygen to the rest of your body. In addition, this resource helps kidneys remove toxins effectively. Drinking water with and after meals also helps break down food so that waste can move through your digestive system with ease.

2. Prevents Joint Pain

residential water systemWhen hydration keeps the kidneys functioning properly, they are able to remove toxins that contribute to joint inflammation. Ample water supplies also help lubricate joints and muscles to promote greater flexibility and mobility.  

3. Regulates Body Temperature

If you get too hot, your body will sweat as a way to keep you cool. But if you don’t have enough fluids, there is a risk that you may overheat. For this reason, it’s important to increase your water intake if you are in hot weather, have a fever, or are exercising.

4. Keeps Skin Soft  

Dehydration causes skin cells to lose water. As a result, you may experience dry, tight, and flaky skin. If filling up on fluids doesn’t relieve skin issues, you may need to think about adding a conditioner or softener to your residential water system. By treating water, these devices can make your showers and baths gentler on your skin.

5. Safeguards Your Smile

Fluoride is a mineral that helps strengthen your enamel to reduce the risk of cavities. It’s often found naturally in private wells but is also often added into municipal residential water systems. Drinking water also helps prevent dry mouth, a problem that can increase your risk of tooth decay and gum disease.


Dedicated to helping Oconto Falls, WI, families enjoy clean drinking water, Luisier Drilling can support all aspects of your residential water system. Through their complete well drilling services, this team can connect your home to a reliable source of fresh water. They can also install high-quality water conditioners and softeners to ensure you’re drinking pure and great-tasting resources. To learn more about their services, visit this drilling company online or call (920) 848-5239.

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