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Why Should Graphic Design Students Choose Mac® Computers? July 29, 2019

Canton, Stark
Why Should Graphic Design Students Choose Mac® Computers?, Canton, Ohio

From promotional posters to logos for websites, graphic designers can put their skills to a variety of compelling uses in this tech-friendly world. However, the instrument they use to create can significantly alter their results, as well as the efficiency of their efforts. If you’re a graphic design student who can’t choose between a Mac® and a PC, consider the following reasons why the Apple® product is better suited to your skills.

3 Reasons Why Graphic Design Students Should Choose a Mac

1. Ease of Use

When you work on a Mac to design a typeface, create a logo, or add graphics to videos, you’ll benefit from an improved, seamless workflow. Mac computers are known for being easy to use, whether you’re learning a new skill or hoping to cut down your work time with key command shortcuts. You can also save time by using your Mac with other Apple products, such as the iPad® and iPhone®, which are especially helpful when you’re on the go. Mac computers also offer Thunderbolt inputs, which are essential for transferring massive files or connecting your laptop to a 4K monitor.

2. Cohesive Color & Professional Graphics

apple productWhether you’re learning how to design a website or a billboard, you won’t want the quality of your computer to dictate how professors and future clients perceive your artistry. Apple products are specially created with the designer in mind, so they boast top-tier quality when it comes to graphics, color, and type. In addition to on-screen clarity, colors translate nearly identically when going from the monitor to a hard copy, so you’ll always feel in control of your aesthetic sensibilities.

3. Software Origins

While many programs have been adapted to function on PCs as well, many of the software cornerstones in graphic design began on Mac computers. For example, Adobe® Photoshop® began on an Apple product in 1988, and the Mac computers of the 1980s were the first computers to provide digital typography. When you choose a Mac, you’ll be following in the footsteps of the graphic design students that preceded you, as well as learning how to use your computer to make discoveries of your own.


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