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How to Make Your Color Guard Costume Stand Out August 7, 2019

Garment District, Manhattan
How to Make Your Color Guard Costume Stand Out, Manhattan, New York

Having a color guard perform brings excitement to any event. It’s not just the choreography that gets spirits high — costume design makes a big difference. Finding looks and materials that are comfortable yet eye-catching can be tough. Follow the tips below to ensure your group stands out.

3 Steps for Eye-Catching Color Guard Costume Design

1. Take Music & Choreography Into Account

Consider your music selection and adapt your costume design accordingly. More somber songs may call for less flashy outfits. The music will also determine your choreography, which further impacts what you wear. Consider the range of movement you need to get through the steps. You don’t want clothing that constricts you and makes you look awkward. Stretchy fabrics like spandex are a great option.

2. Choose Vibrant Fabrics

costume designTake the time to shop around when choosing fabrics for your costumes. Look out for eye-catching patterns and holographic prints (like the one pictured to the right) that draw the eye. If you want a more toned-down appearance, you can use louder fabrics to accent muted hues like white or blue. Small additions like sequins and tassels also highlight movement and add some glam.  

3. Coordinate With Vibrant Flags

When choosing fabrics, there isn’t just the actual clothing on your body to consider: Keep an eye out for materials to use for your flags as well. The flags should be coordinated with the costumes — although they don’t need to match perfectly. For example, if your outfit consists of white with gold sequins, the flags could be made with gold fabric.


Trust Spandex House to deliver all of the glamorous goods you need for a head-turning color guard costume design. Base in New York, NY, they have been providing fabrics to customers all around the world for over 25 years. They emphasize top-quality products and stellar customer care to make sure you get materials you’ll love. Look at all their fabrics online and call (212) 354-6711 with any questions.

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