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3 Factors to Consider When Choosing Between Metal & Ceramic Brake Pads July 31, 2019

Bryan Station, Lexington-Fayette Northeast
3 Factors to Consider When Choosing Between Metal & Ceramic Brake Pads, Lexington-Fayette Northeast, Kentucky

When it comes to automotive safety, few parts are more important than your braking system. The brake pads play a vital role in your car by providing friction against the discs, allowing your car to come to a safe and gradual stop. However, not all brake pads are created equal. Price and quality often have a close relationship, where a lower price will mean lower quality. Ceramic and metal brake pads are both quite popular high-quality options available today, but understanding a few key factors will help you make the right pick for your car.

What You Need to Know When Comparing Metal & Ceramic Brake Pads

1. Noise Level

In comparison to the organic brakes that come standard on most vehicles, ceramic pads offer much quieter performance. They are the quietest of all options, creating hardly any additional sound when you press on the brakes. Though metallic brake pads aren’t excessively loud, they are the loudest of all brake pad materials.

2. Performance

brakesIf you are a performance-minded driver, metal brake pads are the best option. Because metal conducts heat, these pads operate more efficiently in more extreme temperatures and driving conditions. Though ceramic brake pads offer improved performance over organic pads, they don’t match the performance of metal.

3. Braking System Wear

Ceramic brake pads are more likely to pass heat on to other braking components, which can increase wear on the rest of the system when driven in extreme conditions. However, they produce less dust than other brake pads. Metal brake pads can also put more stress on the rotors and produce more dust than other options. However, they both tend to last longer than standard brake pads.


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