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How to Identify Roof Damage After a Storm July 11, 2019

Wildhorse Village, Chesterfield
How to Identify Roof Damage After a Storm, Chesterfield, Missouri

In the aftermath of a storm, it’s common for homeowners to experience property damage that requires an emergency roof tarp and expedient roof repairs from a qualified contractor. As you assess your house, here are a few signs indicating you have storm-related roof damage.

4 Signs You Need Roof Repairs

1. Attic Leaks & Wall Stains

Before exiting your home, evaluate the condition of your ceiling and walls. If you notice moisture, water stains, or bubbling paint, there’s a leak. Don’t forget to check the attic for additional signs of a leak, including dripping or pooled water, damp insulation, or a moldy smell.

2. Fallen Trees & Debris

Climbing onto your roof after a storm is not recommended due to safety concerns, so inspect your roof from the ground on all sides. If there are large tree branches and pieces of debris weighing on the surface, call a professional for roof repairs right away. It’s common for these heavy objects to result in damage.

Roof Repairs3. Gutter Problems

After checking for fallen trees and debris, train your eye to examine the gutter system thoroughly. Check to make sure gutters are intact without any leaks, holes, or disconnected joints. Look at the downspouts confirm they aren’t clogged and that water is continuing to move away from the home.

4. Loose & Broken Shingles

Are shingles on the ground? Can you identify an area of the roof that now has missing or broken shingles? In this situation, the storm has likely ripped away parts your roof, allowing moisture into the attic and the rest of the house.


If you call St. Louis County, MO, home and you need a trained professional to assess property damage and perform roof repairs, contact The Board Up Co. They ensure customers have immediate access to emergency roof tarps, temporary fencing, clean-out service, and more. For more information on this locally owned and operated company and their commitment to 24/7 service, visit their website or call today at (314) 954-3200.

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