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4 Benefits of Karate Classes for Kids July 17, 2019

Palisades Park, Bergen County
4 Benefits of Karate Classes for Kids, Palisades Park, New Jersey

Summer is a time of activity and excitement for children. If beach trips and amusement parks aren’t enough to keep your child mentally and physically occupied, it may be time you look into karate summer camp classes. They channel your child’s energy into productive exercise while imparting honorable values such as discipline, respect, and confidence. 

Why Enroll Your Child in a Karate Summer Camp Class?

1. Teaches Discipline

To advance through the ranks, your child must be diligent and focused. Karate keeps kids on track by teaching them the value of earning their colored belts. They don’t advance just by kicking and punching any wooden board they see— they do so with careful, deliberate practice and control. Every new technique they learn requires patience and situational awareness that encourage real-world applications.

2. Cultivates Self-Confidence

summer campThe more kids master tricky techniques, the more confident they’ll feel in their ability to achieve and set personal goals. Your child will be breaking through mental barriers like wood boards in practice. No matter how thick planks may be or how difficult kick combinations may seem, your child will learn that training and practice can overcome these difficulties.

3. Instills Respect

Karate cultivates an environment of respect and formality. Kids bow to their trainers and training partners, politely address their instructors, and are courteous to their peers. Karate summer camps include group exercises that encourage children to achieve their goals and grow together. This allows them to honor and acknowledge their peers’ capabilities, regardless of skill and experience.

4. Promotes Physical Fitness

Enrolling your children in a karate summer camp is a constructive way to let them unleash their pent-up energy. Karate targets and tones muscles, which increases muscle mass. As more muscle mass is gained, your metabolism rises, which burns calories, sheds fat, and prevents obesity. Moreover, as children develop coordination skills and techniques, they’re improving their agility and flexibility for better balance, speed, and strength. This also induces better stamina and endurance for prolonged physical activity.


For a fun and educational summer camp experience, bring your child to Les Enfants Preschool in Palisades Park, NJ. Their flexible schedules and host of daily activities will keep your child occupied throughout the months. From karate and dance classes to aquariums and magic shows, this early childhood education center is dedicated to providing experiences that foster curiosity and fun for their preschoolers. Visit their website to learn more about their summer camp program or call (201) 592-6695 for inquiries.