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​The #1 Most Important Factor for These Local Home Builders: You! September 1, 2015

Rockford, Winnebago
​The #1 Most Important Factor for These Local Home Builders: You!, Rockford, Illinois

When you consider what it takes to build a home, you may think of equipment, lumber, supplies, plumbing, fixtures, and building permits. For New Leaf Homes in Rockford, Illinois, the most important factor they consider when it comes to the construction of your beautiful new home is you! From start to finish, these local home builders will use their 70+ years of combined experience to create the home you’ve always wanted, and they will do so by placing your needs, concerns, hopes, and wishes at the forefront of their engineers’ minds.

How will this dedication to customer service be evident when you work with New Leaf Homes? Consider the following aspects:

  • Personal Attention: At the beginning, you will sit down with a team member and have an initial design consultation. Your input will be valued and taken seriously. From that moment until the project is complete, you will experience enjoy open and honest communication, professional and efficient organization, and a strict respect for your budgeting requirements. You will feel like a major part of the project until everything is done.
  • Custom Home Designs: The homebuilders of New Leaf Homes want to work with you to choose from their floor plans in order to customize a house that will reflect your personality and your lifestyle. Smart space planning and efficient materials and appliances ensure that you’ll be getting the most dynamic home construction possible.
  • Midwestern Sensibilities: New Leaf Homes is a vibrant member of the community, and they are very clear on the strong priorities that are expected of the people they hire and serve. They build homes as long-term investments at a competitive price, and those homes will be well crafted to endure beautifully for many years to come. New Leaf Homes creates places where you and your family can thrive.

For more information on how New Leaf Homes will use their expertise and experience to serve you, or to see examples of their floor plans, visit New Leaf Homes online. For a free quote, call (815) 977-5753.