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5 Tips to Make Your Love Connection Last July 22, 2019

Glendale, Milwaukee
5 Tips to Make Your Love Connection Last, Glendale, Wisconsin

After the first few fantastic dates, you’ve felt the sparks fly and know you can build a strong, healthy connection with someone. Dating takes a lot of time, effort, and vulnerability, so how can you turn mutual interest into a long-lasting relationship? The guide below will help you form a deeper bond with that special someone.

How to Build a Strong Love Connection

1. Be Honest & Genuine

Authenticity is a prerequisite for all strong relationships. Be honest about your intentions, open about your feelings, and genuine in your actions. To reach true intimacy, you must be willing to make yourself vulnerable. Establishing and maintaining mutual trust is an ongoing effort, from dating to marriage.

2. Share Your Goals

Let your partner in on your short- and long-term goals, and ask about theirs. This will allow you both to determine if your ambitions are compatible. If your plans align, you can begin to think about building a future together. Also, knowing your partner’s aspirations allows you to understand their priorities and actions on a deeper level.

3. Have Meaningful Conversations

datingSmall talk is a fine way to exchange pleasantries, but when you’re dating, you should build up to more meaningful conversations. Share in-depth topics, such as your pasts, likes and dislikes, and philosophical views. Ask open-ended questions that require more than a yes or no answer.

4. Give Them Your Time

Time is a precious resource, so offering yours to a partner shows your commitment to them. Take the time to call, send and respond to texts, and set up regular dates and meetups. However, avoid overwhelming them with messages. The strongest connections are made through mutual effort.

5. Keep the Momentum Going

Don’t let the momentum or interest lull — continue making plans together. It’s not unusual for someone to suddenly become busy with work or family issues, but reach out again once you’re free. The more you can get to know one another, the closer your relationship will become.


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