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4 Tips on Planning Your Next Move July 24, 2019

East Village, Manhattan
4 Tips on Planning Your Next Move, Manhattan, New York

It’s no secret that relocating can be stressful. Between packing and purging and coordinating with movers and updating your address with nearly every institution, it’s easy to miss a few steps. Below are some tips to make the transition as smooth as possible.

How to Plan a Move

1. Get Quotes From Movers 

Start looking for movers at least one to two months in advance. Moving companies can book up quickly, especially during the busy summer season. Compare quotes and lock down a date.

2. Purge Unnecessary Items

A new home means a clutter-free, fresh start. Before packing, sort through your belongings, making a pile for keep, throw away, and donate. The less you own, the less you’ll need to pack—and the cheaper and faster the move will be. 

3. Pack Safely & Efficiently

moversTossing as much as you can into each box may seem like an easy out. But that’s a recipe for disaster when it comes time to sort and unpack. Pack items by room, and clearly label what’s in each box so you can find it quickly after you move in. 

Carefully wrap breakables with packing paper in small boxes and label as “fragile” for the movers. Use designated clothing boxes to keep items on the hangers, and never overstuff a box—even if you hire movers. Heavy boxes are difficult to move and may break. 

4. Plan Travel Far in Advance

Whether you’re flying across the country or driving a couple of hours to your new place, make travel arrangements in advance. Have flights, rental cars, and general navigation mapped out so that you can focus on the more detailed logistics the day of the move. 


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