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A Quick Guide to Travel Insurance July 16, 2019

Glastonbury, Hartford County
A Quick Guide to Travel Insurance, Glastonbury, Connecticut

The unexpected can happen no matter how well you plan a trip. They’re rare, but luggage losses and trips to the emergency room do happen. Travel insurance covers you in the event of numerous unforeseen issues, and, like home or auto insurance, requires that you file a claim. Here is an overview of travel insurance to help you determine what coverage you need for your next trip.

How Does Travel Insurance Work?

Coverage & Types

Travel insurance provides coverage when a trip is delayed, interrupted, or canceled. Also known as trip delay or trip interruption insurance, coverage typically reimburses you for illness or injuries that occur immediately before or during an excursion. It also covers you for weather-related issues that delay, interrupt, or cancel your trips, such as a severe snowstorm or hurricane. Further, it will cover any visa or passport processing delays. It even provides reimbursement if you simply change your mind about going on a trip. Depending on the policy you choose, you may enjoy extra coverage, such as being insured if a tour company goes out of business.

travel insuranceSome common types of travel insurance include comprehensive insurance, travel medical, evacuations, and travel accidents. Comprehensive insurance naturally offers the most coverage and provides reimbursement for medical emergencies; trip delays and cancellations; weather-related problems; and delayed, lost, or stolen baggage. Travel medical insurance provides health care coverage when you are far from home, while evacuation plans cover emergency evacuation costs. Travel accident insurance is comparable to life insurance, as it covers accidental dismemberment and death.

Annual plans are also available for frequent or business travelers, while specialty plans cover incidents such as car rental collisions.

Filing a Claim

To file an insurance claim, contact your provider as soon as possible. Include evidence to support your claim, such as photos of damaged luggage or medical forms coupled with a record of illness symptoms. Your agent will advise you on what documentation to submit to expedite the claims process. Typically, you will wait 15 to 30 days for the insurance company to issue a reimbursement.

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