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4 Moving Tips for Cat Owners July 19, 2019

East Village, Manhattan
4 Moving Tips for Cat Owners, Manhattan, New York

While your cat might love hiding in boxes and ripping up packing supplies, the actual move itself is a different story. After all, a cat’s home is their castle, so being picked up and carted off to destinations unknown can be stressful for felines. While there will always be an adjustment period, the tips below will make the move as easy as possible.

A Guide to Moving With a Cat

1. Get Them Used to Their Carrier

Many cats view their carrier with suspicion, especially if you only use it for vet visits. Several weeks before the move, get them comfortable with their carrier by setting it out and putting some of their favorite treats inside. After a few days, start feeding them inside the carrier so they’ll develop a positive association with their personal moving box.

2. Have Fun With Packing Supplies

packing suppliesGet your cat acclimated to the presence of cardboard and other packing supplies. Your feline friends may not like the smell at first, but you can quickly build up a positive association by playing around the boxes with one of their favorite toys.

3. Keep up Their Routine

Cats love a regular routine, and some might get stressed out by even minor changes. While you’re packing up, getting rid of stuff, and getting ready to move, keep up your pet’s regular meal and play times as much as possible.

4. Make the New Home as Familiar as Possible

As soon as you arrive at your new home, put them in a room with their favorite toys, scratching posts, and food dishes. Keep the door closed until the movers have left, then let them out to explore. If they prefer to stay with their familiar belongings for some time, don’t force them out into the house. Eventually, they’ll come out and start poking around on their own terms.


Moving in New York City can be difficult, with or without a pet. Fortunately, the skilled team at Piece of Cake Moving & Storage has the packing supplies, commitment, and experience to make getting to your new place in Manhattan as easy as possible. Check out their services online today, or call (212) 651-7273 to request a quote.

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