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How to Use a Chainsaw Safely July 18, 2019

Monroe, Fairfield County
How to Use a Chainsaw Safely, Monroe, Connecticut

Almost any tool can cause serious harm when used improperly, but a chainsaw can be especially dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. However, they are highly effective tools that are often necessary to use to saw through wood or trim bushes. Here are some essential pointers to keep in mind to stay safe while using this tool. 

What Are Some Basic Safety Tips for Using a Chainsaw?

When using this tool, keep in mind that you’ll raise your skill level over time. Before you utilize yours for the first time, make sure you are dressed properly. Wearing the proper protective equipment will help prevent injuries. Put on a hard hat or helmet, eye protection, cut-protection gloves, ear protection, steel-toe boots, and chainsaw chaps. 

chainsawCheck if your surroundings are clear before doing any cutting, especially when working on a tree. Have another person with you who can assist if there’s an emergency. Don’t use your chainsaw when you are on a ladder. To make controlling the tool easier, pick one that is the right size for you with a blade no longer than 20 inches. Always check the oil and gas levels before using the tool to avoid damaging it and having your work interrupted.

How Do You Operate a Chainsaw & Avoid Potential Injuries? 

If you’re a beginner, always place your saw on solid, level ground. Put your right foot through the rear handle, then hold the handlebar with your left hand. Use your right hand to activate the chain brake before you pull up the starter rope.

Never let the chain touch the ground because it can get damaged and cause sudden, uncontrollable movements. Never let your eyes leave the bar and chain so you are always aware of what you’re cutting. To avoid kickback, pay attention to the tip of your saw. Keep it away from other objects, and watch closely when the wood is about to pinch your saw as it closes in while you’re in the middle of cutting.


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