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A Guide to Portable Toilet Rentals for Your Outdoor Wedding July 31, 2019

South Fork, Audrain
A Guide to Portable Toilet Rentals for Your Outdoor Wedding, South Fork, Missouri

Restroom facilities are often overlooked aspects of planning an outdoor wedding. Brides and grooms probably don't want to deal with such a subject, but having a celebration outdoors means you need to consider portable toilet rental options. Here’s what you need to know about getting port-a-potties for the event.

Choosing Portable Toilets for Your Wedding

Whether you’re having the wedding in your parents’ backyard, at a winery, or on a rustic farm, guests need a place to use the restroom. Portable toilets for an outdoor wedding don't need to be small, cramped, and stinky. These days, toilet rentals are available in a variety of sizes and styles. For your wedding, look for port-a-potty flushing units that are well-ventilated and roomy with good lighting and a large sink. You can even dress up the interior by adding candles, flowers, soaps, and other decor.

Determining How Many You'll Need

All port-a-potties have a limit on how much waste they can handle. For a wedding, you'll want roughly one portable toilet per 50 guests. If the event is an all-day affair, rent extras to be used if some of the units need pumping or replacement throughout the day. Besides, you don’t want guests to wait in long lines. If the event is spread out over several acres or more, have toilets at different locations. Also, if some of your guests have mobility issues, consider a handicapped-accessible toilet. Talk to the portable toilet rental company about how many and which types of toilets are appropriate for your wedding.

Deciding Where to Set Them Up

Portable toilet rentalYou might be tempted to place the toilets far from the food and festivities. However, modern portable toilets are equipped with chemicals that neutralize odors, so don’t locate the toilets so far away that attendees have to hike to them. Place them in a central, convenient location that doesn't take long for guests to reach. If you want them out of sight, place them among trees, hide them inside an outbuilding, or decorate the exteriors. In any case, include clearly marked signs so guests can find them.


For portable toilet rentals for your wedding or other event in Mexico, MO, and other areas in Audrain County, turn to Apollo Portable Toilets & Pumping Service, LLC. This family-owned and -operated company has been in business since 1965 and offers convenient port-a-potty options, hand wash stations, septic tank cleaning, and quality customer service. Visit their website or call (573) 581-6306 to learn more about their products.

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