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3 Types of Kitchen Faucets July 10, 2019

3 Types of Kitchen Faucets , ,

Installing a new faucet is a home improvement project that can make a big impact on the functionality of your kitchen. Whether you're selecting a faucet for a new kitchen or upgrading your old one, there are a variety of types to choose from. If you’re struggling to pick one, here’s what you need to know for your next home improvement project. 

A Guide to Faucet Types for Your Kitchen Sink

1. Wall-Mounted Kitchen Faucet

While most kitchen faucets are installed on the countertop behind the sink, you can opt for a wall-mounted tap that attaches to the wall behind your sink and extends over it. A big advantage of this option is that it keeps the area behind your sink clean, as there will be no hardware there. Oftentimes calcium deposits and food particles accumulate in this area if you have a traditional counter-mounted faucet. This type is useful if you’re installing a double-jointed faucet that scissors out, as it allows you to easily fill big pots with water.

2. Pullout Kitchen Faucet

Home improvementFaucets vary in height, reach, finish, and style. A pullout faucet allows you to pull the sprayer out with one-hand, making it convenient for washing the dishes and doing other household jobs, such as washing dishes and filling up a bucket to mop the floor. You can install a pullout faucet on a wide variety of sinks. Because it can be pulled away from the sink, you can fill up large pots and other receptacles that can't fit under a typical kitchen faucet. If you install a pullout sprayer with a long hose, you will even reach indoor house plants.

3. Hands-Free Kitchen Faucet

Touchless faucets use motion sensors to allow you to operate them hands-free. You set the unit to the desired temperature, and it stays that way until you decide to change it. A touchless kitchen faucet minimizes the spread of germs and bacteria on the faucet handles, and it’s easier to clean, as your hands will rarely touch it. Also, these motion-activated faucets are more energy-efficient because you won’t need to leave them running. They are effortless to use, making them useful for seniors or anyone with arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome.


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