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3 Tips on Caring For & Wearing Contact Lenses July 16, 2019

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3 Tips on Caring For & Wearing Contact Lenses, Rhinelander, Wisconsin

Contact lenses are a popular form of eyewear across the world, and a excellent alternative to glasses. With proper care and application, wearing contact lenses can be a breeze. Here are three tips on caring for and wearing contact lenses.

How to Care For & Wear Contact Lenses

1. Make Sure Your Lenses Aren’t Inverted

Before application, place a lens on your finger, hold it up to your eyes, and look at it from the side. If a lens forms a proper “U” shape, it is correctly positioned. If the lens forms a “U” shape with flared edges, it is inverted. If you accidentally apply a contact lens while it is inverted, don’t worry. Applying an inverted lens will not cause your eyes any harm, though it may sting. 

2. Apply Your Lenses Correctly

contact lensesStart with clean, dry hands. Thoroughly wash them with gentle, unscented soap, then dry them with a clean towel. Take your contacts out of their case and rinse them with solution. Place a lens on your fingertip. With your other hand, pull your eyelid out of the way with your finger and thumb. Stare forward, look up, or look down, and position the lens. Gently close your eye and blink a few times to settle the lens. Once you’re finished, check in the mirror to make sure the lens is properly aligned. It should feel comfortable, and you should have clear vision.

3. Disinfect Your Lenses

Disinfecting your lenses helps reduce your chances of developing eye infections. Don’t use saline solution or wetting drops, as these are not disinfectants. Use a cleaning solution specially formulated for lenses. Make sure to follow any directions given to you by your optometrist or the solution’s manufacturer. Even if the lens cleaner is labeled “no rub,” always use the “rub and rinse” method by rubbing your lenses with clean fingers and rinsing them before storing them in the solution. Use new solution every time you disinfect your lenses, and disinfect contacts that have been stored for a long time to help prevent infections.


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