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4 FAQ About Getting Sperm Analysis From a Fertility Clinic July 16, 2019

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4 FAQ About Getting Sperm Analysis From a Fertility Clinic, Honolulu, Hawaii

Your sperm count and quality affect your ability to start a family, and if you’re concerned about them, see a fertility clinic for a sperm analysis. While consulting an infertility specialist can seem daunting, the test is simple and will provide you with detailed information regarding your fertility. Here are a few frequently asked questions to prepare you for the process.

FAQ About Sperm Analysis

What is a sperm analysis?

A sperm or semen analysis examines the shape, movement, and virility of your sperm to determine if it’s causing fertility issues. If you and your partner have been trying to conceive for a year or more without success, you’ll benefit from knowing the results of this analysis. It may also be recommended to determine the success of a vasectomy.

What does the test involve?

All you have to do is provide two or more samples of your semen, which can be done at the fertility clinic or sometimes at home. You’ll ejaculate into a sterilized container provided by the fertility treatment center. More than one sample will need to be collected since the quality and quantity of your sperm is variable from day to day. If masturbation is against your religious or moral practices, speak with your infertility specialist about other methods of collection, such as using a special condom during intercourse. Once your samples have been collected, they’ll be examined in a lab.

How do you prepare?

fertility clinicYour fertility treatment center should give you instructions for preparation, but in general, you’ll need to avoid doing anything that will contaminate your samples. Refrain from ejaculation for up to 72 hours before your appointment, and avoid using substances like tobacco, alcohol, caffeine, and illicit drugs, which can make analysis results unreliable. High amounts of stress and using lubricant or spermicide can sway results too.

What will it tell you?

The test will examine your sperm’s shape, appearance, movement, liquefaction, pH level, volume, and count. If any of these factors are out of the usual range, it could signal a problem; for example, discoloration may result from a medication side effect, while a small volume may indicate insufficient sperm production. Your infertility specialist will translate the results into understandable terms when they explain them to you as well as recommend the next steps to take if any issues are detected.


For a detailed, dependable sperm analysis, contact the Pacific In Vitro Fertilization Institute in Honolulu, HI. Serving the area since 1985, this pioneering fertility clinic offers comprehensive infertility services, from in vitro fertilization to egg preservation. Learn more about their services online, and call (808) 946-2226 for an appointment.

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