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Sleeping Habits That Negatively Impact Your Oral Health July 17, 2019

Lincoln, Lancaster
Sleeping Habits That Negatively Impact Your Oral Health, Lincoln, Nebraska

When people have a problem, common wisdom would tell them to “sleep on it.” However, that won’t help if the difficulty they are facing is an oral health issue as a result of something they are doing without intending to in their sleep. Instead, individuals who wake up with tooth or jaw pain should consult the guide below as well as make a trip to the dental office


Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, refers to gnashing or clenching of the teeth or jaw. It can be the result of extreme stress or anxiety or it may occur when you suffer from a dental issue like misaligned or crooked teeth. Warning signs of this condition include headaches and jaw tension in the mornings. If it continues for too long untreated, it can cause the teeth to wear down, culminating in temporomandibular joint disorder, which may hinder eating. 

Sleep Apnea

dental officeSleep apnea is another medical condition that negatively impacts your oral health. With this ailment, your throat muscles will relax while you sleep, leading to blocked airflow. Because you won’t be able to breathe, your brain will send signals to these muscles, causing you to aggressively jerk awake throughout the night.

Beyond poor sleep quality, this condition will also cause dry mouth, which could lead to bad breath and increased bacteria in your mouth. If you find yourself waking constantly throughout the night, schedule an appointment at your dental office for confirmation of this diagnosis.

Treatment Options

Both disorders can often be helped by having a dentist create a custom mouthguard to either stop the teeth from grinding or to keep the mouth slightly open to ensure proper airflow. The professionals at the dental office can also help resolve whatever damage has been done to your teeth as a result of these unconscious habits.


If you’re struggling with either sleep apnea or bruxism, schedule an appointment at the dental office of Fallbrook Family Dentistry. Located in Lincoln, NE, these professionals offer a broad range of oral care services—ranging from preventive measures to treatments for active issues. Visit their website to learn more about their practice, read satisfied reviews from clients on Facebook, and then call (402) 467-0007 to schedule an appointment today.