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How Children Can Benefit From Chiropractic Care July 17, 2019

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How Children Can Benefit From Chiropractic Care, North Pole, Alaska

Children may deal with a variety of illnesses and pain, which can often be difficult for parents to manage. Fortunately, pediatric chiropractic can help with a number of health conditions, including the following. 

5 Health Issues in Children That Benefit From Pediatric Chiropractic Care 

1. Sleep Issues

Sleep is important for everyone, but children particularly need adequate rest to accommodate their growth. For infants and adolescents struggling with sleep, pediatric chiropractic may help. Relieving tension and improving blood circulation will relax your child, making it easier for them to fall asleep at night. 

2. Sports Injuries

For rambunctious children who enjoy outdoor activities, injuries are common. It’s easy for children to sprain an ankle or have a bad fall that can cause problems later in life. Chiropractic care can help ease injury pain and speed up the healing process

3. Headaches

Children who struggle with regular headaches may find it difficult to concentrate and do schoolwork. Chiropractic can provide headache relief by reducing tension and easing stress

4. Growing Pains

pediatric chiropracticLeg and back pain are common symptoms of adolescent growth as bones and muscles stretch. Pediatric chiropractic can loosen tense muscles and release pain from the body. Your child’s chiropractor can also ensure the spine and joints are properly adjusting to growth.

5. Infant Colic

Even babies can benefit from chiropractic care. Studies have found chiropractic effective in alleviating colic in otherwise healthy infants. Though excessive crying is generally harmless, you and your child will be much happier for the relief. Your baby may even reap further benefits like those discussed above as well as easier digestion and feeding.


Help your child maintain their health with pediatric chiropractic at North Pole Chiropractic. North Pole, AK’s highest-rated clinic offers more than 18 years of experience and a range of services, from workers’ comp rehabilitation to automobile injury treatment. Find more information on their services online. To schedule a same-day appointment, call (907) 488-1885.

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