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When Should You Change Your Home Locks? July 17, 2019

Perry, Franklin
When Should You Change Your Home Locks?, Perry, Ohio

Control over who comes in your home is the foundation of residential security. The locks on your home’s doors may be small, but they’re massively important to your privacy and peace of mind. There are certain times when lock changes may be a good idea.

5 Situations Where You Should Change Your Locks

1. You Just Moved In

Even if you’ve been reassured by the seller or renter that no one else has a key, you should opt for lock changes just in case. What if the previous owner gave out a copy? Changing the locks ensures only authorized parties have access.

2. You Lost Your Keys

If you lose your keys, consider changing your locks. If you don’t, the person who finds your keys will have access to your house. What if your keys are found and returned? Change the locks anyway. There’s no way of knowing if the person who returned them made copies.

3. The Lock Becomes Damaged

lock changesA blunt impact on your door, either by an individual or act of nature, can damage the lock and make it hard to unlock. You don’t want to be locked out of your house, or damage your key, so instead of simply opting for lock repairs, consider a full replacement.

4. You Go Through a Divorce or Separation

If a partner you parted ways with still has a key to your house, consider having your locks changed. What if they returned it? Again, consider replacements anyway in case they made copies.

5. The Lock is Old

Not every lock has the same lifespan, and they break down at different paces. But if yours is stiff, noisy, or slow to operate, you should consider replacing it. You don’t want the lock to fail you, leaving you unable to lock or unlock the door.

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