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FAQ About Irrigation Wells July 16, 2019

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FAQ About Irrigation Wells, Oconto Falls, Wisconsin

An irrigation well is an affordable and reliable source for water irrigation. If you are considering drilling one on your property, you likely have a lot of questions about what to expect. Here’s what you should know about irrigation wells, so you can prepare for the process appropriately.

What You Need to Know About Water Irrigation Wells

What is an irrigation well?

An irrigation well is similar to the one you use for your personal residence, but the water is for irrigation use only. It may be used to water livestock or supply a sprinkler system. Because it’s not going to be consumed, it does not need to be treated the way your home’s water is.

Are there location restrictions?

water irrigationAny restrictions regarding well drilling will be determined by the state and local municipality regulations. Check with them to get any permits you need and learn of restrictions. You’ll need to know the locations of any other wells on your property, as well as nearby streams and ponds. Keep in mind that the further you drill the well from your irrigation system, the more expensive it will be since you’ll need to lay more pipe and pump the water farther.

How deep are they?

Because the water does not need to be potable, water irrigation wells can be drilled shallower than your typical well. The shallower ones that are less than 50 feet will pull from groundwater. If you require more water, such as to supply crop irrigation, you may want to drill into an aquifer.

What’s the impact on the environment?

Many people mistakenly assume that installing an irrigation system will waste water. However, a professionally designed system will actually save water. The system is timed and precisely controlled, so it only delivers water where it is needed and avoids waste, such as from runoff or evaporation. Using this untreated water for your irrigation is beneficial to the environment since you won’t be adding chemicals to the soil or groundwater.


A consultation with a well drilling service can tell you what to expect based on your property, needs, and budget. Luisier Drilling has been working in water irrigation and residential water system since 1936, so their experts can tell you exactly what to expect. They drill more than 600 wells each year in the Greater Oconto Falls, WI, region, with a 10-year guarantee for each one. Call (920) 848-5239 to get started with your well planning, or visit them online to learn more about their services.

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