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3 Tips to Encourage Kids to Eat More Meat August 13, 2019

Kingsbridge, Bronx
3 Tips to Encourage Kids to Eat More Meat, Bronx, New York

Meat is full of the protein, vitamins, and minerals that kids need to grow and thrive. Unfortunately, many kids have particular ideas about what they will and will not eat—and that can sometimes mean skipping the meat in favor of things like mac-n-cheese and French fries. You likely know how amazing a burger can be, so now it's time to introduce your kids to this joy. Below are three tips to help you with this process.

How to Get Your Kids to Eat More Meat

1. Make It Crunchy

The texture of food is often the first thing a little eater is drawn to—or turned off by. Meat can be mushy and chewy, which can be off-putting sensations to many kids. They tend to gravitate toward crunch and juiciness. So, consider meats that are lightly breaded and fried or baked. Chicken wings are ideal as they have both the crunch of the breading and the juiciness of the meat inside.

2. Boost It With Flavor

Meats typically take on the flavor of their seasonings, sauces, and the foods they're cooked alongside. A plain piece of meat can be boring to kids, who appreciate a pop of flavor more than the taste of unseasoned meat. Cheese makes everything better; if you're serving burgers, put on a slice of American or cheddar. Sauces like ketchup, barbecue, and Asian-inspired sauces such as teriyaki and sweet-and-sour can transform a dull meat patty to one the child will eat.

3. Cut It Into Small Pieces

A large portion of meat can be intimidating to a kid, and they may wonder how they'll ever be able to eat the entire thing. Also, a lot of meats, like steaks, burger patties, and pork, have naturally fattier areas and typically tougher areas, which make for an ever-shifting landscape of texture—some of which your child may not enjoy. To make meat-eating easier and to minimize textural variations, cut all meat up into small pieces before serving it to your child.


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