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Top 5 Tips for Dining Out With Picky Eaters July 25, 2019

Oconto, Oconto
Top 5 Tips for Dining Out With Picky Eaters, Oconto, Wisconsin

Many parents are all too familiar with the struggle of getting a picky eater to try new foods. Family restaurants, fortunately, offer a lot of kid-friendly choices—from hot and delicious mac an cheese to yummy French toast—sure to convince any child to take a bite. The following tips can help you expand your child’s palate.

How to Handle Picky Eaters at a Family Restaurant

1. Get Them in a Good Mood

Sometimes refusing to eat stems from general stubbornness or a grumpy mood. If you try to push unfamiliar foods while your child is cranky and tired, they’ll only become more frustrated and reject every dish set in front of them. A restaurant with a welcoming and upbeat atmosphere, on the other hand, puts children at ease. Picky eaters may be a bit more open-minded if they’re laughing and giggling. 

2. Set Some Ground Rules Together

Involving your child in setting ground rules helps them feel in control of their diet and decisions. Ground rules for dining out at family restaurants might include trying at least three bites of something new at each meal or choosing a combination of hot and cold foods. Of course, it’s important to reinforce that you have the final say. Make sure their diet remains balanced, and don’t cave in to all their demands.

3. Offer Them a Samplefamily restaurant

Being served a full plate of food you’ve never tried before can be overwhelming, particularly for children. Instead, offer your child a small sample or portion from your dish. They won’t feel pressured to finish, and you won’t waste your money. Inviting kids to sample bites off your plate is an excellent tactic for ensuring they receive their daily dose of fruits and veggies.

4. Don’t Give Up

It’s easy to give in and let your child eat whatever they want. But for the sake of their health, be patient. Keep encouraging your whole family to make nutritious choices. No matter how obstinate a child may seem, if you stay positive, they’ll likely outgrow their pickiness with time.

5. Choose a Restaurant With Variety

A family restaurant with a full and varied menu is the ideal choice for parents with picky children, especially if they serve up a variety of flavors and eatables that kids are sure to enjoy. When selecting a restaurant, be strategic about where you eat.


If you’re dining out with a picky eater in tow, choose a kid-friendly family restaurant with something for everyone. Serving Oconto County, WI, Wayne’s Family Restaurant is proud to offer a menu full of delicious meals at an affordable price. Whether you’re in the mood for their fresh breakfast buffet, a homemade pizza, or an award-winning slice of pie, you will be able to enjoy your meal in a warm and hospitable environment. For information about their daily specials, contact them at (920) 835-4262, or view their full menu online.