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3 Benefits of Co-Managed IT Services Over Outsourcing July 10, 2019

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3 Benefits of Co-Managed IT Services Over Outsourcing, East Northport, New York

In the modern age, technology and business go hand in hand. From cloud storage to electronic communications and data management, chances are your business uses technology on a daily basis for various purposes. But keeping on top of all of the systems, software, and security isn’t always easy, particularly since technology is constantly evolving. Fortunately, working with a co-managed IT services company can help. Unlike an outsourced IT company, co-managed teams work with your existing IT staff to ensure your company has the best possible tech coverage. Here are three reasons to consider investing in co-managed IT services. 

Co-Managed vs. Outsourced IT

1. Bolster Security

One of the primary goals of an IT team is to protect your business from security threats, including cyber hacks and internal breaches. Co-managed IT services work with your existing IT staff to ensure you are fully protected at all times. Services include monitoring, anti-virus software, and the latest technology to keep your network secure. It may be challenging for an in-house IT team to stay on top of all security needs, including patches and upgrades, in addition to their other duties. But with a managed IT team assisting, you can be sure your data is safe. Furthermore, managed IT services can protect your business from breaches, which may compromise sensitive customer data, including names and billing information, and ensure your company complies with government regulations.

2. Boost Your Existing Staff

ITServicesWhile an outsourced IT company may replace an in-house team, a co-managed arrangement consists of a remote team working alongside your existing IT department. This means there’s no need to let go of valuable employees. Quite the opposite, as co-managed services can reduce the workload for in-house staff while providing them the opportunity to expand their bandwidth and knowledge. For instance, co-managed services can help your existing team implement innovative new solutions, such as cloud computing and VoIP.

3. Fast Disaster Recovery

Your in-house IT team won’t have to be called in after business hours when you’re working with a managed IT company. Co-managed IT services providers can offer 24-hour monitoring to detect and address issues as soon as they come up. This means a better chance of recovering data with minimal disruption to your company. When working with an outsourced company or relying on your in-house team, on the other hand, you may have to pay overtime or deal with excessive downtime.


If you’re in the market for IT services, turn to Network Solutions & Technology. Based in East Northport, NY, this co-managed IT services company provides a broad range of tech solutions for businesses throughout the Tri-State area. Their knowledgeable consultants work alongside you and your existing staff to ensure you have the best tech support available, from website development to cloud computing and security. Call (877) 678-8080 to speak with a friendly team member about how they can help you or visit the website to learn more about all they have to offer. 

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