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5 Surgery Recovery Mistakes to Avoid July 17, 2019

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5 Surgery Recovery Mistakes to Avoid, Honolulu, Hawaii

Surgery recovery takes time, but you can aid the healing process by following some simple guidelines. Here are five common mistakes to avoid that could slow down your healing.

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Healing After Surgery

1. Too Much Bed Rest

After an operation, you need plenty of rest, but spending too much time in bed can be detrimental to your health and recovery. Lying down for too long puts you at risk for issues like blood clots, weakened muscles, and a sluggish digestive system.

2. Not Taking Your Medication

You may be reluctant to take painkillers after surgery because of concerns about addiction or unpleasant side effects. However, pain can interfere with your appetite, sleep, and mobility, ultimately impeding your surgery recovery, so take medications as prescribed.

Honolulu surgery recovery3. Not Going to Rehab

Although you might not feel like going to physical therapy sessions, your recovery will be smoother if you do. Particularly when you’ve had a major operation, you need a physical therapist to work with you in person, give you exercises to do at home, and monitor your progress.

4. Poor Nutrition

Post-surgery, you might feel nauseous or have other digestive issues, but your body needs plenty of food and water to keep your strength up. If you don’t feel up to preparing your own food at first, have a home care service stop by to cook for you.

5. Overexertion

If your recovery is going well, you might think you’re ready to resume a normal routine, but doing too much too soon can hinder your healing. Follow your doctor’s recommendations about how much physical exertion you can handle, and ease into strenuous activity like exercise gradually.


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