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Do You Need a New Washing Machine? July 10, 2019

Havelock, Lincoln
Do You Need a New Washing Machine?, Lincoln, Nebraska

A quality washing machine cleans your clothing and linens efficiently. You don’t want your appliance to stop working all of a sudden, forcing you to purchase a new one without time to do proper research. To avoid this situation, it’s helpful to recognize some of the early signs that your washer may be past its prime.

How to Tell You Need to Replace Your Washing Machine

1. Leaks

Water leaks aren’t just signs of a failing washer; they can also lead to mold and property damage in the area around your laundry room. Often, this problem is due to a broken hose or loose connection. If your washing machine is relatively new, it may be worth looking into appliance repair options; if it’s a bit older, however, a replacement may be the better choice.

washing machine2. Noise

Sometimes, noise from your washer simply means that the load is unbalanced. However, if you’re sure that the load is evenly distributed and the appliance is on even ground, there could be a problem with the drum or belts. This type of issue is often costly to diagnose and repair, so it may be worthwhile to simply buy a newer model.

3. Age

Washing machines tend to work efficiently for between eight to ten years. If yours is getting older, even if there’s nothing specifically wrong with it, you may want to consider a replacement. Not only will this help you avoid a major breakdown later, but it may also help you increase energy efficiency, since new models often require less electricity.


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