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How to Write a Custom Monument Inscription July 19, 2019

Perry, Wyoming
How to Write a Custom Monument Inscription, Perry, New York

It can be hard to summarize your memories of a loved one in a memorial inscription. You want your loved ones to be remembered for all they were and the legacy they’ve left behind, and you want to make sure that the inscription you choose stands the test of time. The following advice will help give you inspiration for writing a custom monument inscription that carries on the memory of your loved one. 

Deciding on a Custom Monument Inscription

Finding a Support System

Even if you’re responsible for your loved one’s funeral arrangements, this doesn’t mean that you can’t rely on friends and family members for support. Having people to bounce ideas off is valuable and can help relieve some of your emotional burden. It also helps to have someone who can give you feedback on different versions of your loved one’s epitaph. Simply reading them aloud to someone else can help you decide which ideas to keep.

custom-monumentIt also helps to talk to others about your loved one and ask them about special memories. Learning how others saw your loved one will give you a more comprehensive understanding of their life and personality, and it’ll give you greater inspiration for your loved one’s epitaph.

Deciding on the Right Message

In order to accurately portray your loved one, a custom monument inscription should take many aspects of their life into account. Were they marked by a sense of humor, or were they serious and scholarly? Were they a person of faith? Reflecting on these traits will help you brainstorm ideas, thoughts, and messages to consider.

Regardless of the message you choose, keep the inscription concise. If your intended message is longer, you may have to trim it down due to the size of the surface or the lettering available. If you aren’t sure whether your message embodies your loved one’s personality, life, and legacy, your support system will be there to help.



The professionals Gibney Monument Works in Perry, NY, will help you honor your loved one’s legacy with a custom monument inscription. With 65 years of experience, they craft their granite etchings with a precise, delicate touch. Feel free to visit their virtual showroom online or contact them at 585-237-2750 for assistance with custom monument planning.

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