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Learn More About How Your Septic System Works March 3, 2020

Waterloo, Monroe
Learn More About How Your Septic System Works, Waterloo, Illinois

Your septic system is responsible for moving solid and liquid wastes out of your home and filtering them before they move into the groundwater supply. You may wonder what this process entails, which is helpful to know if you experience issues with your septic system. Read on to learn more about how it works. 

How Do Septic Systems Work?

Septic Tank

Your septic system’s process begins with household waste that travels through a drainage pipe into your septic tank. The tank itself is typically made from durable materials, such as fiberglass, concrete, or polyethylene, and buried underground. While in the septic tank, solid waste materials sink to the bottom and become sludge, while liquid wastes rise to the top and turn into scum. Once separated, solid wastes remain in the tank for later pumping, and liquid materials move out of the septic tank into the drainfield.


Your drainfield is a shallow septic systembed of unsaturated soil on your property, usually covered with grass and vegetation. Via a piping system, wastewater will move from the septic tank into the drainfield. Once there, the soil naturally filters and percolates the wastewater, removing harmful nutrients, bacteria, and viruses before it trickles down into the groundwater supply. 

Potential Problems

Your septic system will not operate correctly if the tank becomes overfilled with sludge. When this occurs, you will notice slow drains, plumbing clogs, and raw sewage backups into your home. These problems are why you need to schedule professional pumping every three to five years. When drainfields overflow, you will observe pooling water on your lawn, foul odors, and suspiciously green grass. These are other issues you will prevent with regular pumping.


Keep your septic system fully operational with upkeep from J & J Septic & Sewer Cleaning. This family-owned company offers septic cleaning, pumping, installations, repairs, sewer maintenance, and excavation to clients throughout Waterloo, IL. Call (618) 939-3001 to set up a routine pumping schedule, and visit them online to learn more about their guaranteed work. 

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