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3 Benefits a Cleaning Company Can Offer Your School July 16, 2019

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3 Benefits a Cleaning Company Can Offer Your School, Stamford, Connecticut

While the importance of quality teachers is often emphasized, many administrators don’t realize how crucial it is to have a clean classroom. Hiring a cleaning company in your school will benefit both the staff and students. Here are a few reasons to work with professionals. 

Reasons Your School Should Hire a Cleaning Company

1. Save Money

Keeping your school clean requires more than simply wiping down desks at the end of the day. Regular, deep cleanings are needed to sanitize the environment and extend the life span of the building. A cleaning company will clean the air ducts and cafeteria kitchens, minimizing dirt buildups that can affect performance. Over time, this will reduce the need for equipment replacement, saving you money. Also, the cleaning company will have the tools—including power washers and floor machines—needed to clean the building, so you won’t need to purchase any. 

2. Improve Student Performance

cleaning companyStudents and teachers perform better in clean rooms. Sterile classrooms prevent the spread of germs, reducing the number of absentee students. Plus, a well-maintained classroom will ensure students aren’t distracted by a mess or an item that’s out of place. Improved concentration in the classroom, combined with fewer sick days, will help lead to higher grades and overall academic success.

3. Demonstrate That the Administration Cares 

In addition to choosing an engaging curriculum and hiring passionate teachers, keeping the building safe and clean helps express how much you value the school. Also, parents attending meetings or special events will notice messy bathroom and scuffed or stained floors, which will reflect poorly on the school’s reputation. 


When you need a cleaning company to care for your school, contact Maintenance One in Fairfield County, CT. They've been serving the area for over 25 years, offering premium cleaning services. They will work with you to create a unique cleaning plan that meets your specifications. Visit them online or call (203) 348-1700 to learn more about their services. 

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