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3 Reasons Why Proper Tire Alignment Is Essential July 24, 2019

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3 Reasons Why Proper Tire Alignment Is Essential, Anchorage, Alaska

During the summer, many Alaskans take advantage of the nearly endless sunlight and hit the road. Getting regular alignment checks is a critical part of auto maintenance, and it’s especially important before a big drive. Here are three reasons to add this prep step to your pre-trip checklist.

The Benefits of Correct Tire Alignment

1. Promoting Straight, Smooth Steering

Veering and a vibrating steering wheel are some of the most common signs that the tires have not been aligned recently and may be off-kilter. Performing regular auto maintenance such as getting alignment inspections can ensure the suspension system is straight and the wheels shift and respond correctly when you turn the wheel. Plus, correct alignment will make the car drive smoothly instead of vibrating since the axels will be perfectly parallel and the tire treads will wear evenly.

2. Prolonging the Lifespan of the Vehicle

auto maintenanceVehicle owners who ignore their wheels and suspension system may not realize they’ve incurred damage. Driving over potholes and normal wear and tear can bend the suspension components. Continuing to use the vehicle without getting the alignment fixed can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage. Instead, get an inspection every year to have mechanics diagnose and repair these issues early to prolong the lifetime of the vehicle. Plus, you’ll save money thanks to this annual appointment.

3. Bettering Your Tires

Improper alignment doesn’t just affect the steering – it also takes a toll on the tires. They may wear more quickly and unevenly if the suspension isn’t straight, requiring more frequent replacement. For example, you may notice the treads are wearing significantly on one side if there is an alignment issue. Bring the vehicle to an auto maintenance specialist to make repairs to the suspension system and rotate the tires if they can still be used.


Vehicle owners looking to set up a professional auto maintenance appointment before a road trip should contact Alaskan Auto Center LLC in Anchorage, AK. The mechanics have over 17 years of experience offering reliable, efficient service on foreign and domestic cars. Call the auto maintenance team at (907) 522-7035 or visit the website for information on their June and July front end alignment inspection special for just $34.95.

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