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5 Tips for Talking to an Elderly Parent About Driving June 17, 2020

South Bronx, Bronx
5 Tips for Talking to an Elderly Parent About Driving, Bronx, New York

As your parents age, you may notice changes in how they operate a vehicle, which leads to a growing concern for their safety. Speaking with elderly parents and suggesting other ways to get around, like using a car service, may be a daunting task. If you want the conversation to go smoothly, try the following tips. 

How to Talk to Aging Parents About Driving

1. Talk as Early as Possible

Avoid waiting too long to broach the subject. When you notice minor issues, discuss your observations and how they may not be able to drive themselves places as they get older. Point out specific examples such as worsening eyesight, driving through stop signs, or not hearing emergency vehicles approaching in the road. Be ready for resistance, especially for parents who are fiercely independent.

2. Have Alternatives Ready

car serviceYour parents may feel as if they have no other option but to get themselves to their various appointments, especially if they don’t want to burden you. Be ready with options such as car services that can take them to doctor’s appointments, shopping centers, and even nights out for dinner. Show them that a car service is an affordable, reliable option that relieves them of the stress of driving themselves.

3. Ask Them to Re-Test

Give aging parents the chance to show you they can still drive. Have them retest their road skills as well as their vision and hearing. When they see the results, you will have more support for your decision to discuss their retirement from driving. You can also have their doctor included in the discussion once test results are back.

4. Be Sensitive

For someone who has always been independent, it is difficult to relinquish that freedom. Be gentle when talking about no longer driving and acknowledge that you understand their feelings. Avoid large groups of family members bombarding them and opt for an intimate conversation where they’ll feel less attacked.

5. Focus on Safety

Make their safety and the security of those around them the focus. Point out any accidents they may have had and remind them they don’t want to be in a worse situation that could injure themselves or others. Suggest modifications to their car that can help them, like wider mirrors, but remind them that as their health declines they will need to stop altogether to remain safe.


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