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4 Unique Business Card Ideas July 15, 2019

Sanford, Lee
4 Unique Business Card Ideas, Sanford, North Carolina

Business cards provide potential clients and customers with all of the information they need to purchase products or services from your company. Whether yours is a startup brand or you wish to revamp your current cards, standing out from the crowd is well worth your while. The following inspirations should get your creative juices flowing.

4 Business Card Ideas to Support Your Brand in Style

1. Circle or Square Cards

Step outside of the traditional rectangular box in favor of circle or square shapes. Both grab consumer attention and provide compact designs to take up little space in wallets, pockets, or bags. Get even more adventurous by assigning different colors to each card and using the different hues to create fun and energetic displays at trade shows, seminars, and other business events.

2. Theme Cards

Match your business cards to your brand’s theme. Many companies and business entities do this, such as yoga studios that provide cards in roll-up yoga mat form or lawn and garden services that offer cards resembling seed packets. Other theme ideas include cheese grater cards from dairy shops and viewfinder cards from photography studios.

3. Recycled Paper Cards

business cardsShow off your commitment to the environment with cards made from recycled paper. Go a step further by requesting seed paper to make plantable cards. The desire to support eco-friendly companies is stronger than ever, and cards that help rather than hurt the planet provide an excellent avenue for increasing brand awareness.

4. Die-Cut Cards

Provide consumers with business cards they can fold a number of ways using die-cut technology. Stars, letters, hearts, and octagons are just some of the options for your new fan base to experiment with. Any card that can be folded and displayed, such as on a person’s desk at work, provides a talking point that gets people excited about your brand and less likely to forget about you. 


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