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Channel Your Inner New Yorker by Following These 3 Suggestions From NYC's Best Vacation Rental Provider September 1, 2015

Upper West Side, Manhattan
Channel Your Inner New Yorker by Following These 3 Suggestions From NYC's Best Vacation Rental Provider, Manhattan, New York

What separates the casual tourist from the NYC devotee? It’s more than how long you’ve been here: it’s that New York state of mind. Even if you’re just visiting, there are plenty of ways to embrace the New York City mentality, starting with a vacation apartment rental from thedinosaurhaus, where you can live just like a local.

After you’ve booked your vacation rental, follow these suggestions for channeling your inner New Yorker:

  • Recognize a Great Deal: From sample sales in SoHo to culinary steals during Restaurant Week, a city-smart New Yorker can spot a great deal from a mile away. By booking with thedinosaurhaus, you’re already well on your way to this achievement. You recognized that the value and convenience of a real New York apartment would far exceed standard hotel offerings.
  • Explore Every Day: New York is a five-borough, 300-square-mile world of its own, and there's something new to discover every single day. Whether it's a great restaurant in a new neighborhood, a quirky off-Broadway show, or the latest exhibit at the Met, there's never a shortage of things to explore. A vacation rental from thedinosaurhaus will put you conveniently in the heart of real New York.
  • Love The City, Quirks And All: From world class to one-of-a-kind to just plain weird, you never know what you’ll find from one city block to the next—but that's what makes NYC one of the most exciting cities in the world. Let thedinosaurhaus be your guide as you discover this amazing town.

To create an authentic New York experience, start with a vacation rental from thedinosaurhaus. To learn more about their vacation apartment rentals, visit their web site, or call (646) 233-1442.