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5 Travel Tips for Pregnant Women July 10, 2019

Washington Heights, Manhattan
5 Travel Tips for Pregnant Women , Manhattan, New York

Certain activities are off limits when you’re pregnant, but traveling isn’t one of them. Flying while pregnant is safe as long as you check with your doctor and take a few precautions. Before you book airport transportation, follow this advice to stay comfortable throughout your flight.

5 Need-to-Know Tips on Flying While Pregnant

1. Check With Your Doctor 

airport transportationAlways pay a visit to your doctor before booking a trip and discuss your travel destination with them. If you’re flying somewhere tropical, at high altitude, or where there are disease outbreaks, for instance, they may advise against it—especially if you have a high-risk pregnancy. Additionally, make sure your health insurance is covered in case you need to see a doctor while you’re away. 

2. Time Your Trip Right   

Flying in the second trimester, between the 14th and 27th weeks, is the optimal time to travel. Your first trimester may be accompanied by morning sickness, and the last several weeks put you at risk for preterm labor. Flying internationally, however, is not recommended after the 28th week. 

3. Maximize Comfort

Dressing comfortably on a plane can be a challenge even when you’re not pregnant. It’s best to choose maxi dresses, skirts, and maternity pants for the plane ride, and wear decompression stockings to regulate blood flow and prevent circulation problems. If you can, book an aisle seat with extra legroom and bring a lumbar pillow.

4. Look for Connecting Flights

If you’re flying long distance, choose a connecting flight. Pregnant women who sit for too long are at a higher risk of deep vein thrombosis, a blood clot that forms in the veins. Connecting flights provide a chance to move around and rehydrate before resuming your travels.

5. Stay Relaxed  

You’re already more prone to stress while pregnant, so don’t put yourself in a troubling situation that leaves you running through the airport to catch a flight. Since you’ll need more time to prepare, start packing a few days early and show up several hours before the flight. Bring snacks, prenatal care supplements, and anti-nausea medication. To minimize airport transportation stress, take a car service instead of driving.



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