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Does Kickboxing Promote Weight Loss? October 15, 2019

Scarsdale, Westchester
Does Kickboxing Promote Weight Loss?, Scarsdale, New York

When looking for group exercise classes that help you tone, lose weight, and boost your confidence, many individuals begin to explore kickboxing. If you’re unfamiliar with this hybrid sport that combines both boxing and martial arts, here is some helpful information to review in terms of the physical and mental perks. 

Understanding the Benefits of Kickboxing

Does Kickboxing Help You Lose Weight?

Kickboxing is an action-packed form of physical fitness. When in a group exercise class, you’ll test your cardiovascular abilities and conditioning as you kick and punch a bag in various combinations. The way you move your body tones and builds muscles from your arms and legs to your waistline. As such, studies have found that most participants in a martial arts class like kickboxing can burn upwards of 300 to 400 calories in 30 minutes, depending on their weight. By burning so many calories, embracing this sport can help you achieve weight loss goals and turn fat into muscle for a toned figure. 

What Benefits Will You Enjoy by Embracing This Activity?

KickboxingBeyond burning calories and building muscle, kickboxing regularly is an excellent form of stress relief. Kicking and punching a bag can allow you to release tension and aggression in a contained and positive manner. You’ll also learn important techniques that will improve your balance and flexibility over time. The class setting is encouraging and positive, allowing you the opportunity to make new friends and socialize as you do bag work or light sparring together. Better still, knowing proper fighting stance and kicking and punching techniques can help with self-defense training. You’ll walk away from your sessions feeling confident, accomplished, and ready to protect yourself.



If you’re in Scarsdale, NY, and you’re ready to start kickboxing to lose weight, energize, and explore self-defense training, 914 Training Center is the ideal destination. This family-owned business run by a champion Muay Thai fighter believes in fostering a welcoming community so every client builds confidence, character, and discipline while having fun. Call today at (914) 437-5353 to learn more about their various martial arts programs and visit their website to browse their current class schedule. 

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