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Three Benefits of Transforming Your Business With SD-WAN July 15, 2019

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Three Benefits of Transforming Your Business With SD-WAN , Roswell, Georgia

A fundamental of business success is to minimize costs and maximize gains.  This extends across most if not all decisions—but especially in determining an IT budget.  Today, in the IT industry, a product known as SD-WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Network) is replacing traditional MPLS set-ups to give the ability to navigate the most optimal paths of bandwidth and change links to distribute application load for efficiency and speed at a reduced cost.

Three Benefits of SD-WAN

  1. Displacing MPLS

SD-WAN allows for a variety of paths as it can navigate MPLS, LTE, Dedicated Internet and Broadband paths.  Its specialty of adjusting multiple lines allows you to route traffic to less costly paths while resuming day-to-day operations at the same, if not better, efficiency.  Priority applications still can use MPLS, but for others, SD-WAN provides alternatives to keep costs lowered.  Ultimately, this can displace traditional MPLS set-ups as most businesses seek to minimize costs.

  1. Improving Applications’ Performance

For many businesses, their CRM (Customer Relationship Management, such as, UCAAS and ERP (Netsuite, Oracle, etc.) are key to their operations.  Issue with your network?  SD-WAN gives you the benefit of routing traffic based on importance, so in case one of those paths has issues, you can route applications to another path and often will optimize their performance. 

  1. Cost Minimization

For most companies using a traditional MPLS network, it’s not uncommon for the network to cost upwards of 10% of the entire IT Budget.  In many cases, SD-WAN has been able to cut those costs by more than a 40% cost reduction.  This depends on various MPLS ratios and different SD-WAN products.  But at its core, SD-WAN can do everything that a MPLS configuration does, at a lower cost.


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