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5 Reasons to Buy a Pontoon Boat for Your Family July 10, 2019

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5 Reasons to Buy a Pontoon Boat for Your Family, Anchorage, Alaska

Summer is here, which brings the chance to float the sea for fishing and fun under the sun. If enjoying the waters aboard a sturdy vessel is something you and your family want to do more of, consider investing in a pontoon boat. Modern versions of these boats are sleek and functional, having many features that make them popular with families. If you’re on the market for a family-friendly boat, here are some reasons to consider this model.

Why Pontoon Boats Are Great for Families

1. Ample Seating & Storage

Pontoon boats offer plenty of space to move around as well as several cushioned seats to accommodate everyone in your family. There’s no cramped decks or small cabins to limit access. Everyone can sit down and enjoy the sun and water while still having storage space for food, drinks, life jackets, water accessories, and toys.

2. Easy to Navigate

pontoon boatsIdeal for beginners, pontoon boats are easy to operate due to their size and shape. They are wider and flatter than sailboats and speed boats, featuring large steering wheels for easy navigation through lakes and bays. Unlike sailboats, pontoon boats don’t rely on wind or complicated sails.

3. Pop-Up Changing Rooms

If your family includes newborns or young children, a pop-up changing room is a pontoon boat must. Also available in collapsible form, these convenient changing areas make it easy to install portable toilets and give moms a private place to change diapers, nurse, or help little ones relieve themselves.

4. Numerous Activity Options

Many come with decks that facilitate fishing. They also typically include hookups you can use for water skiing or tubing, and have space for customizations such as inflatable water slides. Many families anchor these boats in the middle of lakes and bays to create meeting and diving areas for friends. Since they have space for grilling, these boats make excellent floating eateries.

5. Safety

Since these boats are so large and flat, they are difficult to tip over or flip. This makes them one of the safest vessels for family fun. You can even install a bimini top to provide shade for lounging seniors and protection from UV rays.

Find quality pontoon boats for sale at Dewey’s Cook Inlet, a marina that’s served boaters throughout the Anchorage, AK, area for over 50 years. The largest marine dealer in the state, they carry brands including Hewescraft™ and Hawk®. Their friendly and knowledgeable team is ready to assist and can help with boat maintenance and repair. Learn more about their business online or call (907) 344-5092 to ask about their inventory.

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