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4 Ways to Help Your Dog Relax Before a Vet Exam July 15, 2019

Makakilo - Kapolei - Honokai Hale, Ewa
4 Ways to Help Your Dog Relax Before a Vet Exam, Ewa, Hawaii

Your dog may not be keen on going to the veterinarian, but routine examinations are an essential part of keeping your companion happy and healthy. These trips help your dog stay up-to-date on preventative pet care and allow vets to detect any medical issues early. To make veterinary visits easier, follow these tips on managing your pet’s stress.

How to Calm Your Dog Before a Veterinarian Exam

1. Bring Toys & Treats

Your pooch likely responds well to the promise of treats and playtime. Bring a few of your pet’s favorite toys and snacks to reward them for acceptable behavior and provide them with a comforting distraction. Each time the veterinarian completes a segment of the exam without misbehavior, offer your dog praise and reward. Eventually, your pet will begin to make positive associations with going to the veterinary clinic.

2. Schedule Non-Exam Visits

If examinations and emergency visits are the only reasons you go to the pet clinic, it makes sense that your furry friend gets nervous before they step foot into the office. These sessions can be uncomfortable, so make social visits to get your pet accustomed to the facility. Allow them to sniff around and greet your veterinarian, and have the staff offer them treats.

3. Get Them Used to Handling

veterinarianMost animals don’t like the thorough handling required to perform a physical exam. To make your annual visits go smoothly, help your dog overcome their apprehension at home. While your pet is content and cuddly, examine sensitive spots, like paws, ears, teeth, and tail. Although older dogs can certainly learn, it helps to start as young as possible.

4. Keep Your Vet Informed

Veterinarians have experience handling pets of all temperaments, but it helps them to be informed. Let your vet know what to expect before the exam begins. For instance, tell them if your dog is particularly sensitive about their belly being touched, and the vet will proceed accordingly. Being open and honest will always lead to a more positive experience for your beloved companion.


If your dog is due for an annual wellness exam, bring them to the veterinarians at Kapolei Pet Hospital. This pet clinic provides comprehensive medical services and preventative care to families across Oahu, HI. They also offer a variety of unique pet treatments, such as eye exams, in-house blood testing, diagnostics, and stem cell therapy. Visit their website to view a detailed list of services, or call (808) 462-8040 to schedule an appointment.

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