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5 Reasons to Avoid Chemicals for Drain Cleaning July 10, 2019

Pine Grove, Amador
5 Reasons to Avoid Chemicals for Drain Cleaning, Pine Grove, California

If you've got a slow or clogged drain, one of the DIY solutions available is to pour powerful drain cleaning chemicals down your pipes to dissolve the obstruction. While this may seem like a convenient approach, there are a few major drawbacks. You should snake the drain or schedule services from a licensed plumber instead of using chemical drain cleaners for the following reasons.

Why Use Other Plumbing Repair Methods Besides Chemicals 

1. Pipe Damage

Chemical drain cleaners do their job by being corrosive enough to eat through the debris in your pipes. However, as they sit above the clog, they can also start eating away at the pipe itself. This damage is irreversible and can make the pipe more prone to both leaks and future clogs.

2. Health Hazard

Because these chemicals are so harsh, they are dangerous to handle. If spilled, they can cause skin irritation or burns. Their fumes can also be toxic. If there are children in your house, avoid the risk of having chemicals on hand and opt for other, safer methods.

3. Septic System Damage

Drain CleaningYour septic tank relies on beneficial bacteria to break down waste for processing. When you pour harsh chemicals down your drain, you can kill off these bacteria. When this happens, your septic tank will fill more quickly and need more frequent pumping.

4. Pollution

Corrosive chemicals used in drain cleaning are just as harmful to plants and animals as they are to people. When they escape into the environment due to leaks and spills, they can cause major problems for the local wildlife. They are also a problem during wastewater processing, where more energy must be used to filter them out.

5. Effectiveness

While chemical cleaners can dissolve a clog, they don't address the underlying causes. Clogs form due to rough pipe interiors, snags in pipes, built up debris, and other plumbing issues. Without fixing these problems, you'll experience repeated clogs in the future.


If you need drain cleaning and other plumbing work in Sutter Creek, CA, choose Amador Plumbing. For over 20 years, they have provided Amador County with fast, reliable plumbing service from licensed technicians, including 24/7 emergency repairs. To schedule a visit, call (209) 223-2204 or send them a message online.

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