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5 Drain Cleaning & Maintenance Tips to Avoid Clogs July 30, 2019

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5 Drain Cleaning & Maintenance Tips to Avoid Clogs, Fairbanks North Star, Alaska

A clogged sink can be inconvenient and lead to more severe issues, like flooding, in your home. While some clogs are caused by one large object getting lodged in the drain, most are a result of consistent buildup over time. With the right drain cleaning techniques and a few changes in your routine, you can slow the accumulation of debris in your pipes and prevent the need for costly sink repair.

How to Avoid Clogged Toilets & Sinks

1. Use a Drain Cover

When debris goes down your drain, it will build up over time and create clogs. Installing drain covers in your sink, tub, or shower will prevent this issue. The covers catch materials that can clump, such as hair, before it has a chance to enter the drain. Clean the cover regularly to remove hair and other materials that can stick to it.

2. Dispose of Grease Correctly

Drain CleaningAfter cooking, it’s easy to pour excess cooking grease down the drain. However, when hot grease cools, it becomes solid and can block your drain. Keep a container, like an old coffee can, near your stove to pour oil into after cooking. Once the grease has cooled, scrape it into the trashcan.

3. Avoid Problem Foods

Unless you have a garbage disposal, avoid washing food down the drain. Specifically, avoid foods like pasta and rice that can absorb water and swell once they are in your pipes. Throw all excess food in the trash to avoid clogs and smells in the pipes

4. Rinse with Hot Water

When running your garbage disposal, use cold water, as this will keep greasy items intact and make them easier to rinse away. However, at all other times, you should clean your sink with hot water, as this will help soften and dislodge food and debris inside the plumbing. You can even heat water on the stove to pour down the drain for extra cleaning power. Regularly clean your sinks, tubs, and showers with hot water as a preventative measure to avoid the need for professional drain cleaning.

5. Use Baking Soda or Vinegar

Both baking soda and vinegar use gentle, natural chemical action to loosen and dissolve material stuck to the sides of your pipes. You can pour either vinegar or baking soda and warm water down the drain, then let it sit for a while before rinsing with hot water. If you do this regularly, you can significantly slow pipe buildup. Both of these options are safe, relatively odorless, and clean your pipes without harsh and abrasive chemicals.



If your sink gets clogged, call Bigfoot Pumping & Thawing for professional drain cleaning. Serving North Pole, AK, this locally owned business has over 25 years of experience with plumbing and septic repairs. They offer fast, reliable service 24/7. To schedule, call (907) 488-9855 or reach out online.

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