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Should You Get Foot Orthotics? July 22, 2019

Should You Get Foot Orthotics?, ,

Custom made foot orthotics are a type of shoe insert designed to help alleviate a variety of foot and lower extremity pain through positioning, support, and cushioning.  Since they are custom-made to fit a patient’s particular foot, they can much more effective, for some people, than off the shelf pre-made orthotics.

Different Types of Orthotics 

 There are 3 categories of orthotics: Rigid, semirigid, and soft.  The rigid orthotics are used for more precise motion control.  They are typically used for people who have very excessive arch collapse (overponation) or have hypermobile feet.  They are also used for heavier people who need control since the materials are firmer and won’t break down as easily.  Semirigid orthotics can be used for shock absorption or controlling motion depending on the materials that are used.  This is a very versatile orthotic that can be used with a lot of different foot types.  They can be used for overpronators but can also be made to help oversupinators.  Soft orthotics are used to provide shock absorption and padding.  They will not provide much support .  Typically used for the person that has a high arched rigid foot.

What Kind of Foot Pain Do Orthotics Treat?


 There is an extensive list of ailments that physical therapists may prescribe custom orthotics for.  These can range from plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, shin splints, to knee pain or stress fractures.  The important thing is to be evaluated by a physical therapist that has extensive experience in prescribing custom made foot orthotics so you are put in an orthotics that is appropriate for your foot type and the demands that you will place on them.


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