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3 Differences Between Pediatric & Adult Nursing Careers August 23, 2019

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3 Differences Between Pediatric & Adult Nursing Careers, Suffern, New York

Nursing is a rewarding career in which you can help others and make a difference while enjoying job security and a decent salary. However, many nursing students debate between going into pediatric nursing or adult nursing. Here is a little more information about these two nursing careers so you can choose what is best for you. 

How Do Pediatric & Adult Nursing Differ?

1. Communication Standards

One of the main differences between pediatric and adult nursing careers is your ability to communicate with your patient. While most adults are capable of communicating their symptoms, kids may not be able to speak yet or may struggle to adequately articulate how they are feeling. Pediatric nurses may need to be able to spot small differences in the way a patient is acting to decide how to proceed, while adult nurses can rely more on communication from the patient. 

2. The Need for Patience

Since kids are typically hesitant to accept help from people they don’t know, it can require a great deal of patience to be a pediatric nurse. As such, nurses who work with adults may have an easier time conducting tests and collecting the necessary paperwork they need to get the job done. However, depending on where you work as an adult nurse, you could be helping individuals with mental health conditions or drug dependencies, which can make the job trickier. Both types of nursing careers require a great deal of patience, so nursing students should think about who they can be more patient with.

3. Family Dynamics 

nursing careersNurses who work with adults may have to face concerned family members or spouses, but their level of worry may pale in comparison to the anxiety a parent may feel when their child is sick or injured. Pediatric nurses have to be able to do their jobs effectively while simultaneously calming the fears of parents, which can be a challenge. However, it can also be rewarding to feel the gratitude of a parent that appreciates you helping their child when they’re in need.


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