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4 Questions to Ask When Deciding Whether to Keep an Item July 10, 2019

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4 Questions to Ask When Deciding Whether to Keep an Item, Lake Katrine, New York

If you’ve been tasked with an estate cleanout, you will be faced with the decision to either keep, throw out, or donate items. There will be many tough decisions, but answering a few key questions will help you make choices. Here are a few to keep in mind.

What to Ask When Deciding to Keep or Donate an Item

1. Is This Item Sentimental?

When you embark on an estate cleanout, you will encounter many sentimental items along the way. Parting with them may prove difficult, so the first step is to decide which pieces you want to keep as a memento and which you can live without. You cannot keep everything, but you can take photos of items, such as letters and artwork. Once you have a digital record, you can toss, donate, or sell the object.

2. Is the Item Worth Anything?

estate cleanoutYour loved ones may have had a few belongings of value that you’ll want to sell. Antique furniture, artwork, or vintage dishes can be worth selling to dealers or private buyers. Look for older items in good condition like china sets, dining table sets, or even old toys. For furniture or items that are not antiques, donate them instead.

3. Will You Need It in the Future?

During an estate cleanout, you’ll need to sort through important documents like tax and financial records. After a certain time period, many of these papers can be shredded and disposed of. Records older than three years are usually safe to get rid of. Keep anything more recent, and hold onto documents about the property, cars, and other similar items until you sell them.

4. Do You Have Space for It?

Taking home items from the estate may clutter up your own home. Before keeping an item, especially larger ones like furniture, make sure you have room. If there is no way you can store it, consider selling or donating it to someone who can make good use of the item.


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