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The Importance of Swimming Pool Pumps July 22, 2019

Mebane, Alamance
The Importance of Swimming Pool Pumps, Mebane, North Carolina

A swimming pool pump is necessary to keep the pool bacteria-free and safe to swim in. But, it’s essential to never ignore a malfunctioning pump. Do so by familiarizing yourself with this piece of pool equipment and how it should function when it’s in working order.

What to Know About Your Swimming Pool Pump

Water Quality and Filtration

A swimming pool pump filters the water from the pool, circulating the pool chemicals and water to keep your pool pristine and free of harmful bacteria and insects. The pump moves water to the filter, through the chlorinator and heater, and then back to the pool. The type and size of pump and filter are determined by the size and style of pool.

Types of Filters

If the pump is effectively taking water to the filter, you want the filter to be doing its job as well. There are two kinds of filters to consider:

  • swimming-pool-pumpSand: the most common and effective type of filter, sand offers good filtration and water circulation and is low maintenance. Sand should be replaced every five years.
  • Cartridge: these types of filters are easy to install, inexpensive, and best for small pools. They must be replaced often, offer less fine filtration than sand, and may grow algae.

How Often to Filter the Pool

For an average size, in-ground pool, filter up to 12 hours a day in the high-use season with a maximum of two-hour breaks. Use a sand filter for a pool of this size with a pool pump to keep water clear and safe. Winter filtration can be dropped to two hours a day to keep the water circulating and the system running smoothly. Make sure the pump is not frozen or frosted over before running it.


A swimming pool pump is integral to keeping water in the pool safe, clean, and fresh. Carolina Plumbing & Water Systems, LLC serves the Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina with 24/7 plumbing services. They repair and maintain water systems, swimming pools, offer complete plumbing repair and installation, and water heater installs and repair. Serving the Mebane and greater community since 1981. Call (919) 563-3709 for assistance or visit the website to see a full range of services.