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3 Reasons You May Have a Wrinkled Carpet July 10, 2019

Lincoln, Lancaster
3 Reasons You May Have a Wrinkled Carpet, Lincoln, Nebraska

Carpets are meant to be a smooth, appealing presence across your floor. Unfortunately, a buckled or wrinkled carpet not only looks awkward, but it can also be unpleasant to walk over. While it’s possible to repair a carpet with wrinkles, it’s better to avoid the problem in the first place. Here are three possibilities that explain why your carpet may have become warped over time. 

What Are Common Causes of Wrinkled Carpets? 

1. Excess Humidity

Most wrinkled carpets become that way when there is excess humidity in your living space. The moisture in the air becomes absorbed by your carpet, causing its surface area to expand. Since the carpet has nowhere to expand to, it wrinkles instead. One of the best ways to prevent this problem is by installing a dehumidifier. 

2. Botched Installation

Whwrinkled carpeten carpets are installed, they need to be stretched out with a power stretcher. That service ensures that they don’t have any loose zones that could wrinkle during the carpet’s life span. An amateur carpet installer may skip this step if they’re trying to get the job done in a hurry or they may not even know about it, leading to problems down the line. 

3. Moving Items

Always take care when moving heavy items over a carpet. When you drag something bulky, it can tug on the material, stretching out the carpet and causing wrinkles. If you need to move something that weighs a significant amount, it’s better to recruit some friends or hire a moving team than to try and drag it yourself. 


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