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3 Ideas That Inspire Mannequin Concepts July 8, 2019

SoHo, Manhattan
3 Ideas That Inspire Mannequin Concepts, Manhattan, New York

Mannequin Concepts, Inc. in New York City bases their collections on simple, yet expressive clothing for women and men. From denim and dresses to hoodies and jumpsuits, their pieces will make you feel empowered and let you stand out from the crowd. The founder, Evan Lyons, finds inspiration from the 1970s to create bold pieces. If you want to learn more about how this label will help you show off your individuality and style, here are some of the driving forces behind every creation. 

What Influences Mannequin Concepts?

1. Androgyny

Merging men’s and women’s fashion has been gaining prominence over the last few decades. Instead of separate collections, many brands are now offering a more one-style approach that blends traditional feminine and masculine tropes. Clothing by Mannequin Concepts is mainly unisex, incorporating cuts that give each piece both a female and male feel. “Ambiguity is the wave,” according to Lyons, and will only continue to grow in popularity as cultures become more inclusive and open to how people express themselves through clothing. 

clothing2. Luxury

Mannequin Concepts focuses on beautiful statement pieces that function like wearable artwork. From an early age, Lyons had a love for opulence, and created this collection to help people feel lavish every day. To reflect this, he’s added brass plates on a range of his shorts, dresses, and accessories for a hint of understated luxury.

3. High Fashion

You won’t find any of these pieces in other clothing stores. Lyons crafted each item to make the wearer feel confident and unique. Instead of finding the same mass-market dress on someone else walking down the street, you know you’ll be wearing something truly special and avant-garde.  


Mannequin Concepts doesn’t follow the rules of fashion—it sets the standard. Their clothing features styles of the 1970s that includes a mixture of modern silhouettes and patterns. No matter who you are or who you want to become, you’ll find a jumpsuit, dress, or hoodie that gives you the confidence to go out and conquer the streets of New York. If you want to express your individuality and not conform with the masses, browse their collection online or call (917) 940-9155 to ask about their inventory.

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