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An Introduction to Expanded Metal July 10, 2019

Bond Hill, Cincinnati
An Introduction to Expanded Metal, Cincinnati, Ohio

As a contractor or member of a construction crew, you need durable materials to meet your needs. That’s why many professionals turn to steel suppliers for expanded metal. Unlike other options, the material is one single piece of metal that can provide a sturdy surface to support other materials and heavy loads. Here’s what you should know to understand why expanded metal should be included in your equipment budget.

What Is Expanded Metal?

Expanded metal is a single sheet of stainless steel that is cut and stretched to form a mesh. Sheets of aluminum, as well as hot- and cold-rolled steel, are also used to create expanded metal. The solid sheets are stretched on expanding machines in production facilities. Although the holes are typically diamond-shaped, other patterns are also cut in the material using knives that are attached to the equipment. The slits made by the knives make it possible to stretch the metal at the same time. After processing, the sheets are cut to a consumer’s specifications.     

How Is It Used?

steel supplierWhen it comes to construction, many steel suppliers carry perforated metal and wire mesh in addition to expanded metal. Instead of slitting, the holes are punched in perforated metal, slightly weakening the integrity of the sheet and creating more scrap. With wire mesh, strands of individual wires are sewn together to create one piece. Mesh thickness for each of the options varies and should be considered when deciding what’s best for your project. Opting for mesh that’s a good conductor and won’t buckle under the strain of heavy loads will prevent construction delays that derail your endeavors.

Using expanded metal aids in the success of many projects. As various patterns are cut in the sheets, it adds ornamentation and functionality to common goods, such as gutter protectors, furnishings, and fencing. Because air can flow through the holes, it can also serve as a metallic lath for plaster projects. 


To find out how expanded metal will come in handy for your construction needs, reach out to the steel suppliers at L. Levine & Co., Inc. in Cincinnati, OH. The technicians offer a speedy turnaround for fabrication projects and same-day delivery of aluminum and commercial steel products. To see how you’ll benefit from the team’s nearly 50 years of combined experience, call (513) 471-5900. Visit the steel supplier online to learn more about their inventory, and follow them on Facebook for up-to-date news and information.

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