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4 FAQ About Puppy Care July 5, 2019

Washington Heights, Manhattan
4 FAQ About Puppy Care, Manhattan, New York

Getting a puppy for the first time is exciting, but it can leave you with several questions about how to properly care for your dog. You may be unsure about what items to add to your shopping list, whether to take your pup to an animal clinic if they seem healthy, or how to keep them from making a mess in the house. The good news is you’re not alone—here are four common questions new dog owners have.

The Top Questions First-Time Puppy Owners Ask

What supplies do I need?

A puppy has a variety of needs and wants just like a human baby. Invest in a dog bed so they have a comfy spot to sleep—and make sure it’s large enough for their adult size so they can continue to use it as they grow. Treats are helpful for training, and toys are a fun way to keep a pup active and entertained. You’ll need a leash for walking, and a collar will help you identify them if they get lost. Finally, purchase a set of bowls for food and water.

Should I take them to an animal clinic?

animal clinicYou should always take new pets in for a checkup, but a vet visit can be especially helpful for first-time dog owners. The trained professionals at an animal clinic will help you learn about important medical topics like shots, deworming, and preventing parasites.

How do I potty train a puppy?

Young dogs are bound to have accidents, but consistent training will help you avoid messes. Help your puppy understand where to go by offering praise when they do the right thing. To reinforce the idea and prevent slip-ups, take them outside every half hour while they’re awake, right before bedtime, and about 15 minutes after each meal.

How can I puppy proof my home?

It’s crucial to prevent unwanted chewing to keep both the dog and your belongings safe. Make sure nothing small enough to swallow is within their reach, and cover electric cables with furniture when possible. You can’t stop them from chewing altogether, so give them a few toys to sink their teeth into when they’re bored. 


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