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3 Common Wine Myths July 22, 2019

Kailua, Koolaupoko
3 Common Wine Myths, Koolaupoko, Hawaii

Whether you’re a novice drinker who doesn’t know the difference between red and white or are a longtime member of a wine club, there are some myths about this beverage that many people believe. These misconceptions may prevent you from discovering new bottles or finding a unique way to enjoy an old favorite. Here’s what you need to know about the truth behind some of these widely held myths.

Debunking Common Myths About Wine

1. Food Pairings

Many people believe that meat should always be paired with red wine and chicken and fish only go with white. This myth is an oversimplification that may keep you from discovering delicious pairings. For example, a smoky white wine can pair well with steak, while red is a tasty choice to drink with a fish dish that’s served with a tomato-based sauce. If you want to expand your knowledge of pairings, join a wine club as they usually provide pairing suggestions with their bottles.

2. Serving Temperature

wine clubA common belief is that white wines should only be enjoyed chilled, and red should be served at room temperature. However, serving white wine too cold may mask some of its aroma and flavor, and certain reds may benefit from spending a few minutes in the fridge before serving. Experiment to determine what temperature works for each wine, or join a wine club to talk with other enthusiasts and get advice about serving temperatures.

3. Bottle Closures

Some wine drinkers assume that a bottle with a screw top is inferior to one that has a cork. However, screw-top technology has advanced, and many wonderful wines are available with this type of closure. If you buy a bottle that you plan to age, opt for one with a porous cork to help it gain complexity over time. On the other hand, a screw top closure is suitable for a bottle you’ll drink in the near future.


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