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5 Medical Supplies to Always Have On-Hand July 19, 2019

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5 Medical Supplies to Always Have On-Hand, Harrison, Arkansas

It’s always a good idea to have a first aid kit ready for whenever the occasion arises. From waking up to a headache to paper cuts, it’s important to have the proper medications and supplies to treat whatever is bothering you. Here are five medical supplies you should keep stocked in your bathroom cabinet.

5 Medical Supplies to Always Have On-Hand

1. Pain Killers

Pain is often unpredictable; headaches, an injury, toothaches, and so on can pop up without a moment’s notice. Without relief, it can potentially ruin your day. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep pain killers on-hand, such as ibuprofen, aspirin, and acetaminophen, to knock out pain when it strikes.

2. Bandages

You never know when an injury might occur, and with a small slip of a knife, or your child falling off their bicycle, you can find yourself searching for bandages. Bandages are one of the most needed medical supplies in any home, especially a home with children. Proper first aid helps promote faster recovery, so it’s important to have an assortment of bandages ready. That way, from the smallest paper cut to a skinned knee, you’re ready. ​​​

3. Cough Drops

why you should keep medical supplies on handCoughing during class, at the workplace, or during performances can be a disturbance, and enduring a cold without the relief of a lozenge can greatly irritate the throat. Be prepared, and have cough drops ready for the next time you come down with a cold.

4. Antihistamines

Allergies do not limit themselves to select seasons; they can happen all year round. Indoors and outdoors, anything from pollen and food to animals and dust can, cause an allergic reaction and send you searching for antihistamines. A sudden allergic reaction can also be life threatening, so having antihistamines on-hand can be a life-saver.

5. Cold Medicine

Don’t be unprepared the next time you’re hit with a cold – it can happen any time of the year, though it’s more likely to happen in the fall and winter – and send you to the couch for the next few days. Cold medicine can help you find relief, but most importantly, it can help clear up your cold symptoms and help you sleep. Being able to rest and allow your body to heal is important when you have a cold, and so is being able to push through an important exam or meeting, so don’t wait until you’re sick to go out and buy cold medicine.


If you have any questions about any of the medical supplies you should have on-hand, turn to the trusted pharmacists at Sam Alexander Health Mart Pharmacy for answers. They offer a wide variety of services and products, from immunizations to greeting cards and Yankee candles. For more information about what they have to offer the Harrison, AR, area, visit their website, or give them a call at (870) 741-6511.
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