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A Brief Guide to Vaping Batteries July 5, 2019

Hilo, Hawaii
A Brief Guide to Vaping Batteries, Hilo, Hawaii

If you’ve become interested in the vaping phenomenon, you might have been lured by its eco-friendliness. However, these devices need batteries to work their magic. Learn more about the components you’ll need to build your perfect vaping experience as well as how to keep them safe in the following guide.

An Introduction to mAh

Your vaping battery will have a certain capacity—similar to your phone, which can be recharged to its limit. This capacity is measured in mAh, or milli Ampere hours. In other words, a NiMH or NiCd battery battery with a capacity of 2000 mAh will offer 2000 mA for an hour of vaping. However, in other batteries, such as AA alkaline models, vaping devices that use a lot of energy will run through more than 2000 mA in an hour. That’s why it’s important to use the battery designed for your high-powered device.

To find out more about the battery in your vape device, look at the numbers and letters written on it. The numbers will pertain to the dimensions of the battery—for example, an 18350 battery would be 18mm wide and 35mm in length. If there’s a zero at the end, the battery is round. The letters will tell you what chemicals the battery contains. For example, “C” batteries have cobalt, “N” have nickel, and “I” are made with Lithium Ion. If there’s an R, your battery is rechargeable.

Battery Safety Tips

vapingTo avoid injury, only use the charger specifically designed for your battery, and avoid overcharging. If you have a protected battery, it contains a circuit board that will automatically stop the battery from charging so it doesn’t overheat. It will also stop it from discharging before it gets so low in power that it sustains damage.

If you have an unprotected lithium battery, you’ll have to be careful about your charging habits. These batteries will supply 4.2 volts of power at full charge, which falls to 3.6 volts relatively fast. They’ll continue to provide power to your vape at this voltage until they’re almost dead. However, if you wait too long to charge your unprotected battery, its voltage will fall under 3 volts, at which point you’ll have to throw them out. If possible, always use protected batteries to avoid this issue. 


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